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The illustration is a barista waiting for a female consumer to tap to pay her order in a coffee shop.
Illustration of a plane.
Illustration of a mobile phone with the Visa logo above a white checkmark enclosed in a yellow circle on the screen.
Illustration of a female consumer standing in front of a coffee shop and using her mobile phone to pay her order online.
Illustration of a laptop showing an analytics dashboard and security icons.
Illustration of a woman's hand holding a mobile phone shopping online.
Illustration of a risk scoring icon.
Illustration of a monitor showing a desktop displaying a risk management tool.
Man smiling looking at his mobile phone on a city street.
Woman smiling using her laptop in an office.
Illustration of a merchant storefront on a mobile phone.
Illustration of money dispensing from an ATM slot.
Illustration of a padlock.
Illustration of a security roadmap showing twists and danger.
Illustration of a risk manager.
Man working in Visa’s control center.
A woman presenting her laptop to two male co-workers.
A woman smiling using her tablet in the office.
A woman using her watch wearable to pay at a kiosk.
Co-working space with a person on their laptop and another person with a notebook.
Illustration of a male placing a shield in an oversized mobile phone surrounded by four light bulbs.
Illustration of a laptop and mobile phone.
Illustration of a token icon represented by the letter T in a pentagon.
Illustration of an alerts icon represented by an exclamation point enclosed in a triangle.
Illustration of a user data icon represented by a solid blue person behind a magnifying glass magnifying binary numbers.
Illustration of a data board icon.
Illustration of a franchise management icon.
Four people white boarding ideas in an office.
Three young people working on their laptops.

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